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Open Cast Range

(6.6kV - 35kV)


Our Open Cast Range provides reliable and efficient electrical connections for the mining industry. With voltage capabilities from 6.6kV to 35kV, our products are rigorously tested, compliant with industry standards, and built from top-quality materials to withstand harsh mining conditions.

Flameproof Range

(3.3kV - 12kV)


Designed for maximum protection in high-risk environments, our Flameproof High Voltage Range ensures exceptional performance and reliable electrical connections. With voltage capabilities from 3.3kV to 12kV, our products meet industry safety standards and undergo rigorous testing for durability.

Medium Range

(650-1100V, 120Amp - 425Amp)


Our Medium Voltage Range caters to various mining applications, offering efficient and dependable electrical connections. With voltage capabilities from 650V to 1100V, our products are crafted from top-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliable performance in power distribution, equipment operation, and infrastructure projects.

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