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(6.6kV - 35kV)

Our Open Cast Range of couplers and plugs encompasses a wide selection of products designed to meet the specific needs of various voltage requirements. Within this section, we offer three distinct ranges to cater to different power demands: the PLM range, the 11kV 800amp range, and the 22kV & 35kV range. Whether you're operating in mining, construction, or any other industry requiring robust electrical connections, our Open Cast Range provides reliable and efficient solutions to ensure uninterrupted power transmission.





(3.3kV - 12kV)

Safety and reliability are paramount when dealing with high voltage environments. Our Flameproof High Voltage section offers a comprehensive range of couplers and plugs specifically designed to operate within the demanding conditions of hazardous areas. We provide three ranges to suit various voltage specifications: 3.3kV, 6.6kV, and 12kV. These flame-proof solutions not only meet stringent safety requirements but also deliver exceptional performance and durability, making them ideal for applications in oil and gas, petrochemical, and other high-risk industries.



(650-1100V, 120Amp - 425Amp)

We offer an assortment of couplers and plugs tailored to meet the needs of medium voltage applications. Covering a range of 650V to 1100V and featuring amp ratings from 120A to 425A, this section provides versatile solutions suitable for various industrial settings. Whether you require reliable connections for power distribution systems, manufacturing plants, or infrastructure projects, our Medium Voltage range offers multiple options, including a 120Amp range, 250Amp range, 425Amp range, and a 3.3kV Cm range. Trust our products to deliver exceptional performance and ensure smooth power transmission for your operations.

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