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OPen Cast

PLM Range

Introducing the PLM Range: High-Performance Plugs and Sockets for Demanding Applications.

The PLM Range is a cutting-edge collection of plugs and sockets engineered to deliver exceptional performance in demanding environments. With a host of features designed to enhance efficiency and reliability, these products are the ideal choice for industrial applications requiring robust electrical connections.

  • Crimped Conductors: The PLM Range features crimped conductors that ensure secure and reliable electrical connections, minimizing the risk of loose or faulty connections.

  • Customisable Contacts: Contacts are drilled to suit specific cable requirements, allowing for seamless integration and optimal performance.

  • Comprehensive Connection: Designed for three-phase connection and one earth, the PLM Range ensures reliable power transmission in demanding applications.

  • Pilot Options: With up to four pilots available as an optional feature, the PLM Range offers enhanced functionality and flexibility to suit various operational requirements.

  • Durable Insulator: The plugs and sockets are equipped with insulators made of high-quality materials like Silicon or Teflon, ensuring superior insulation properties and long-lasting performance.

  • IP65 Rated and Corrosion Resistant: Built to withstand harsh environments, the PLM Range is IP65 rated, providing protection against dust and water ingress. Additionally, the products are corrosion resistant, ensuring longevity even in challenging conditions.

  • Ample Cable Capacity: The PLM Range accommodates cables with a maximum diameter of 90mm (415 unit) and 100mm (515 unit), offering versatility for different cable sizes.

  • Wide Range of Conductors: Supporting a maximum conductor size of 240sq mm and up to 22mm, the PLM Range is suitable for a variety of power transmission requirements.

  • High Voltage and Current Ratings: The plug and socket are rated at 15kV and 200A, guaranteeing efficient and reliable power transmission even in demanding industrial settings.

  • Quick Release Mechanism: The PLM Range features a quick-release mechanism that simplifies installation and removal, saving valuable time during operations. A quick thread option is also available upon request.

  • Optional Epoxy Powder Coating: For added protection and aesthetics, an optional epoxy powder coating can be applied to the plugs and sockets, enhancing their durability and visual appeal.

The PLM Range of plugs and sockets is the perfect choice for industries such as mining, construction, and power distribution, where reliable and efficient electrical connections are crucial. Trust in the superior quality, durability, and performance of the PLM Range to meet your demanding operational needs and ensure uninterrupted power transmission.

11KV 800A Range

Introducing the 11kV 800A Range: Advanced Plugs and Sockets for Reliable Power Transmission.

The 11kV 800A Range represents a groundbreaking innovation in plug and socket technology, offering unmatched performance and safety for high-voltage applications. Engineered with customer usability and safety in mind, this range provides seamless power transmission while ensuring maximum protection against phase failures.

  • Innovative Phase Segregation: Our 11kV 800A Range features complete phase segregation, eliminating the risk of phase-to-phase failure. This revolutionary design enhances the safety and reliability of electrical connections, providing peace of mind in critical operations.

  • Multiple Conductor Connection Options: With a choice of crimped, grubscrew, or crimp-type connectors, our plugs and sockets offer versatile conductor connection methods. This flexibility allows for easy installation and customization to suit specific requirements.

  • Enhanced Safety Design: Designed with a solid cage construction, our plugs and sockets prioritize user safety. The robust construction provides added protection and ensures reliable performance, even in demanding industrial environments.

  • Efficient Conductor Clamping: Each pin in the plug and socket features three grub screws, enabling secure and reliable clamping of conductors. This design guarantees optimal electrical contact and reduces the risk of loose connections.

  • Durable Aluminium Housing: The 11kV 800A Range is housed in sturdy aluminium, providing excellent durability and corrosion resistance. This ensures long-lasting performance, even in challenging conditions.

  • High-Quality Contact Pins: The main contact pins are made of solid copper, ensuring superior conductivity and reliability. The pilot pins, made of solid brass, can be drilled out to accommodate various conductor sizes, offering flexibility and ease of use.

  • Electricity Homogeneous Design: Our plug and socket units are electricity homogeneous to the cable when terminated, ensuring seamless power transmission and minimizing energy losses.

  • Specialised Insulation: The range features three insulators made from specialized insulation material, guaranteeing excellent electrical insulation and protection against potential hazards.

  • Self-Extinguishing Silicon Sleeves: The silicon connecting sleeves contain self-extinguishing agents, effectively eliminating partial discharge. This feature enhances safety and reliability by preventing electrical faults.

  • High Voltage and Current Ratings: The plug and socket are rated at 15kV and 500A, enabling efficient power transmission in high-voltage applications.

  • Optional Epoxy Powder Coating: For added protection and aesthetic appeal, an optional epoxy powder coating is available, ensuring durability and longevity.

The 11kV 800A Range sets a new standard for reliability, safety, and performance in high-voltage plug and socket solutions. Whether in power distribution, industrial installations, or critical infrastructure, trust our range to deliver efficient, secure, and uninterrupted power transmission. Experience the difference of advanced engineering and superior quality with our 11kV 800A Range.

22kv & 35kv Range

Introducing the 22kV & 35kV Range: Premium Plugs and Sockets for High-Voltage Applications

The 22kV & 35kV Range offers advanced plugs and sockets engineered to withstand high-voltage environments with utmost reliability and safety. Designed for demanding applications, these products undergo rigorous testing to ensure superior performance and compliance with industry standards.

  • High Voltage Withstand Test: Our 22kV & 35kV Range undergoes a rigorous high voltage withstand test of 50kV at 50Hz for 1 minute, demonstrating its capability to handle extreme electrical conditions.

  • Lightning Impulse Test: The plugs and sockets in this range undergo a lightning impulse test of 125kV, consisting of 10 positive and 10 negative impulses. This ensures maximum protection against lightning strikes and electrical surges.

  • Temperature Rise: Our products are designed to withstand a temperature rise of up to 400A, ensuring stable operation even under high electrical loads.

  • Tension Tests: The gland reports (GA01B92007 and GA01B92014) confirm that our plugs and sockets meet stringent tension test requirements, providing secure and reliable connections.

  • Tough Fault Test: Our range has been subjected to a rigorous tough fault test of 20kA for 1 second, as verified by report 794/8405/H37. This test ensures the products can handle fault conditions without compromising safety or performance.

  • Overpressure Voltage Test on Insulators: The plugs and sockets undergo an overpressure voltage test of 60kV on the insulators, ensuring excellent insulation properties and protection against electrical breakdown.

  • Optional Epoxy Powder Coating: For enhanced durability and aesthetics, an optional epoxy powder coating is available, providing an additional layer of protection against corrosion and wear.

The 22kV & 35kV Range is engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in high-voltage applications. These plugs and sockets provide secure and efficient electrical connections, withstanding extreme electrical conditions and ensuring the safety of your operations.

With a commitment to quality and compliance, our products are designed to meet or exceed industry standards. Trust in the superior engineering and durability of our 22kV & 35kV Range to provide reliable power transmission in critical applications.

Experience the difference of advanced engineering and high-quality materials with our 22kV & 35kV Range. Invest in a solution that delivers unparalleled performance and ensures an uninterrupted power supply for your high-voltage needs.

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